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Automated Abstraction

Supported by our AI software ATLAS, our team of data abstractors completes registry submissions with increased efficiency and accuracy. Reduce expenses and manual errors while benefiting from unified data.

Data Mapping

Our core data platform CARTOGRAPHER enables the use of data collected in any source system - allowing increased visibility and analysis of the full patient story.

Employee Satisfaction

Ensure appropriate staff coverage with CREW. CREW software accounts for staff skill set, PTO, labor law compliance, and after hours calls; allowing you to easily navigate staffing decisions.

Perioperative Optimization

Optimize your OR resources with WiseOR. WiseOR supports block optimization, staffing, and contribution margins.

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Supply Need Prediction

DARWIN uses historical data to predict surgical supplies needs, allowing you to quickly build more accurate preference cards.

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At Carta Healthcare, we believe in a multidisciplinary approach to solving problems. Our passionate team leverages a collective background in medicine, software engineering, product development, data analytics, and entrepreneurship to create lasting impact in healthcare.