Our story became our mission.

Automate and simplify the work that burns out clinical staff, so they can focus on patient care.

Founded in 2017, Carta is venture-backed and works with leading hospitals and academic medical centers, including Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford.

How it began

Carta co-founder and CEO, Matt Hollingsworth’s mother is a 5-time cancer survivor, including an initial bout during her final trimester while pregnant with him. 

Since then, Matt has grown up in hospitals, providing comfort and support for her during her subsequent four cancer therapies. So, it’s perhaps no surprise that Matt has become very fond of the nurses and physicians that kept saving his mother’s life.  

During his mother’s most recent cancer scare, a thought occurred to him on how he might repay their kindness. As his mother was being prepped for surgery, Matt and his family inquired as to how long the surgery would last, what room she would be assigned for post-op recovery, and when they would be able to visit her. To their surprise, nobody at the hospital seemed to know the answers.  

A vision is born

In the months that followed, Matt decided to investigate further. He discovered that care coordination was disjointed and rife with errors because nurses and physicians — the people most essential to healing patients — were being overwhelmed with data entry and other repetitive administrative tasks that sidetracked them from their larger purpose. 

As a result, patient journeys were wildly unpredictable. From these insights, Carta Healthcare was born. Carta believes that the path to better patient outcomes starts with freeing nurses and physicians to once again focus on practicing medicine. Which is why our software-as-a-service is designed to automate and simplify the time-wasting manual tasks that lead to clinician burnout, and which have historically prevented hospitals from providing predictable patient journeys.