Improve Perioperative Performance

Hospitals depend on their Operating Rooms and Cath Labs for financial stability, to enhance their clinical brand, and facilitate better outcomes for patients. Managing an operating room has inherent challenges. WiseOR is the pathway to meet those challenges.


WiseOR optimizes Operating Room and Cath Lab resource allocation, including block optimization, robot access, staff coverage, and contribution margins through prescriptive analytics. REQUEST A DEMO »

How WiseOR software can improve utilization with analysis from your existing EHR data

Higher Utilization means Profitability

Block scheduling can leave gaps in Cath Lab and OR use
A block-scheduling system assigns a block of time to each practicing doctor or group of doctors per a particular period of time. The block is reserved for the owner’s use, and when unused, the Cath Lab or OR time is made available to other doctors.

The schedule does not always provide all surgeons and proceduralists sufficient access relative to the demand. Frequently time gaps need to be filled manually. The result is a large amount of unutilized time, with typical utilization of less than 60%. The most efficient hospitals can achieve utilization rates of 80%. REQUEST A DEMO »

Filling the gaps is complicated
The current block schedule process is messy and political. Surgeons and service lines fight for access to preferential schedules, rooms, or equipment. Many variables go into a schedule; including robots, supply locations, seasonal changes, day of week issues, personnel requirements, access to specialty-trained nurses, and clinic schedules.

All this scheduling difficulty leaves a gap that political forces use to influence the process. Yuck. REQUEST A DEMO »

Gain efficiency through AI
WiseOR’s Artificial Intelligence helps automate an OR manager’s workflow. Bulk send automated block letters to surgeons and proceduralists to communicate performance, changes, and availability. Create reports specific to organizational roles, be it the CXO, VP of the OR, or Division Chief. Automate the reporting of compliance metrics to report overlapping and concurrent surgery rates. Most importantly, gain trust in the validity and accuracy of the data to reliably streamline the scheduling process. REQUEST A DEMO »

Small improvements have big multimillion-dollar implications
The cost to the hospital of a poorly managed block schedule is immense: staffing is about 50% of total costs, and the building’s capital expense is also very high. Having resources go unused is a direct hit to the bottom line. Similarly, revenue generated from even a 3% improvement in utilization is in the millions of dollars at any mid-size hospital.  REQUEST A DEMO »

We’d love to show you how our AI algorithms make this all possible. Gain efficiency, increase resource utilization, and improve your bottom line.