Meet Our Advisors Series – Ken Ferrell

Carta Healthcare benefits from valuable relationships with trusted advisors, each impactful in their field.

Together, they bring significant expertise and insight to support Carta’s growth. Our software harnesses artificial intelligence to automate and simplify clinical operational tasks. As a result, caregivers have more time to focus on patients and provide the most value. This builds trust with each other and their patients. This helps to create a positive, engaging clinical environment. We are part of the solution – reducing the increasing burnout many are experiencing.

Our advisors offer strategic and tactical to deliver value to our customers.  We meet as a team weekly to review the current business needs. This is unlike many advisor relationships that are often infrequent in their communications.  We also connect socially to stay in tune with each other and our families.

This is the first in a series of posts introducing our advisors to you. They are a diverse group of mission-driven people working on interesting problems. We hope you enjoy learning more about our team and their work.


Ken Ferrell, MS

MBI Director, Applied Data Science/Principal Biomedical Data Scientist at Dignity Health/CommonSpirit Health

Ken is Director of Applied Data Science and Senior Data Scientist/Biostatistician at Dignity Health. He translates complex business questions into implementable solutions using machine learning and advanced statistical and visualization methods. He manages a growing team of data scientists and identifies techniques to solve enterprise needs for analysis and visualization of data from a variety of disparate sources.

We asked Ken a series of questions and share his responses below:

What are your main interests and areas where you are making an impact in healthcare?

My main interest is working with clinicians and executives to develop and integrate smart algorithms that provide insights in real time at the point of care.

What led you to support Carta and our work together?

While completing my Master’s degree at Stanford, I was introduced to Matt before the formation of Carta and was intrigued by his technical approach to modeling an individual’s comprehensive history in the context of health.  His approach to abstracting the source of patient data and applying statistical rigor to this abstraction aligned with my extensive experience working with healthcare data. When Carta asked if I would be interested in becoming an advisor, I jumped at the chance and have been amazed at the progress they have made in their short history.

What are recent or upcoming accomplishments you are excited about?

At Dignity Health, we recently developed an algorithm to predict an inpatient’s length of stay at 24 hours post-admit based solely on physician notes, gender and age.  We built a Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution that extracts clinical concepts, many of which are not captured as structured data elements. This algorithm will be valuable to care coordination and discharge planning as well as serve as a risk adjustment tool to assist in quality efforts.  It is exciting to me that Carta’s NLP engine (Babelfish) and Cartographer would provide the framework to allow their clients to use their own data to build predictive models similar to our LOS model.

As you can see, Ken brings a wealth of knowledge to the Carta Healthcare team. His support and viewpoint as a key advisor is an honor. He is critical to our journey into new frontiers of healthcare information utility.

Thank you for learning more about us, you can explore more about our mission and products by following the link below. Please share your questions and thoughts in the comments.

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