Meet Our Advisors Series – Fatima Rodriguez, MD

Carta Healthcare benefits from valuable relationships with trusted advisors, each impactful in their field.

Together, they bring significant expertise and insight to support our growth. Carta’s software harnesses artificial intelligence to automate and simplify clinical operational tasks. As a result, caregivers have more time to focus on patients and provide the most value. This builds trust with each other and their patients. This helps to create a positive, engaging clinical environment. We are part of the solution – reducing the increasing burnout many are experiencing.

Our advisors offer strategic and tactical to deliver value to our customers.  We meet as a team weekly to review the current business needs. This is unlike many advisor relationships that are often infrequent in their communications.  We also connect socially to stay in tune with each other and our families.

This is a continuation of a series of posts introducing our advisors to you. They are a diverse group of mission-driven people working on interesting problems. We hope you enjoy learning more about our team and their work.


Fatima Rodriguez, MD, MPH, FACC, FAHA

Assistant Professor, Cardiovascular Medicine Stanford University School of Medicine

Dr. Rodriguez is a preventive and general cardiologist in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine at Stanford. Dr. Rodriguez’s research includes a range of topics relating to racial, ethnic, and gender disparities in cardiovascular disease prevention and developing novel interventions to address disparities.

What are your main interests and areas where you are making an impact in healthcare?

I am a general and preventive cardiologist and a health disparities researcher at Stanford University. I am particularly interested in eliminating gaps in deliver of high-quality cardiovascular care based on race/ethnicity or socioeconomic disadvantage.

What led you to support Carta and our work together?

David Scheinker and I are long-time friends and research collaborators. I was impressed with the work that Carta is doing to improve and automate clinical data entry. I look forward to helping with ongoing registry-based research efforts and collaborations with the American College of Cardiology.  This work has the potential to not only streamline patient care but also to change how we conduct clinical research. 

What are recent or upcoming accomplishments you’re excited about?

I am most proud of my students who have learned to develop their own hypotheses and gain technical skills to answer tough questions. In my role as Co-Chair of the National Minority Cardiovascular Alliance, I am eager to translate my research and other work into practice to reduce disparities in care among minority patients.

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