Improve Employee Satisfaction, Reduce Costs


  • Liberate your team from unnecessary overtime cost and long back-to-back shifts.
  • See and understand your staffing utilization.
  • Get alerts and recommendations to optimize your team’s shifts.


Crew’s staffing optimization solution helps you manage your staff by combining shift and case data. This shows the actual usage, workload, and skills required to operate your ORs. Crew then produces alerts and reports: the daily roster, anesthesia coverage, cross-training opportunities, and key metrics such as overtime, turnover, and CNRA ratios.


To schedule the right number of clinical staff members with the correct skills for a given procedure, the hospital needs to understand the demand and supply of staff. Current solutions often only tell part of the story, leaving managers to try to make decisions with limited visibility.

Crew solves this in three steps:
1) Predicting demand of staff based on the backlog of cases and historical data
2) Projecting supply constraints such as staff schedule, skills required, equipment requirements, coverage contracts, and room availability
3) Matching demand and supply to identify opportunities for extra cases, reduce overstaffing, and match skillsets to the work