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Cartographer searches, analyzes, and interprets patient data across all platforms, standardizes those data into a consistent format, and provides the most relevant data recommendations for [the task at hand/your needs/the specific project]. Using this rich healthcare analytics tool as a foundational platform, your data can be used immediately and effectively for your government reimbursement initiatives, quality improvement programs, resource utilization models, custom research projects, operational data science projects, and more.

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Unify your many sources of data.

Because of the seamless interoperability with other hospital systems and vendors, Cartographer is able to collect and use data from any current or legacy system, breaking down the typical data silos. Then, Cartographer converts and organizes all your data into structured, trusted data, so you can use those data in a variety of ways, from data abstraction into registries to resource utilization analysis.

Benefit from high-quality recommendations

Using natural language processing (NLP), Cartographer reads, remembers, and analyzes vast amounts of patient data to find patterns, compare with past metrics, and make recommendations about the data that are most relevant for your needs — something that is virtually impossible for humans to accomplish efficiently.

Reduce the ambiguity of no “certain” data

Even simple data points in medical records can have contradictory values across different systems or entries, depending on where or who the information came from. Cartographer reduces the uncertainty of data by allowing every field in the system to have multiple values, one per data source. In addition, based on the different sources for a data point, a reliability score is calculated and displayed to the user.

Extract patient stories,
not just data points.

By combining structured data (e.g., ICD-10 codes) with unstructured data (e.g., free-text clinical notes, lab reports, etc) across a patient’s records, Cartographer provides a holistic overview of the patient journey through the healthcare system.

Avoid the build vs. buy decision

Why choose between the lengthy, expensive process of building a custom solution and the limitations of buying off-the-shelf? You can have the best of both solutions. With Cartographer, the out-of-the-box platform provides the majority of the functionality needed, and the rest is configurable to your unique situation.


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