Abstraction Automation Solution

Collecting healthcare data with registries has never been more urgent or meaningful. Registries allow providers to set up a virtuous feedback cycle, improving quality initiatives and patient care. However, the feedback loop between collecting the data and using that data to improve care currently takes 17 years. This is simply too long to wait to improve patient’s care, so we’ve set out to fix it.


Atlas is Carta Healthcare’s solution for data abstraction. Atlas uses artificial intelligence to translate your data from clinical notes and medical records into recommendations. It then auto-fills fields, assisting abstractors so they can process registry cases with greater efficiency.

As part of this process Atlas organizes the data, providing a “glass box” capability so abstractors can trace data back to its source and view it in context. We also support a ‘google’ search of the patient’s medical records to help complete difficult fields. Complete abstraction can be outsourced to our team of experienced data abstractors or you can continuing using your internal team and leverage the software.

The National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR) worked with Carta to establish efficiency gains for completing NCDR submissions and to validate the quality of the data produced by Atlas. We’re excited to announce our collaboration with the American College of Cardiology (ACC) to provide one unified interface for all NCDR registries. Providers can now start working with Atlas to manage submissions and normalize their data to FHIR. With our outsourced model, we take care of backlogs of cases, training, retention, and submission for you. Start now and do more with your FTEs and budget.

Our technology enables you to unlock the value of your data!


The need for relatively few structured data fields makes integration time significantly lower than the industry standard.


Unify disjointed data fields into a single model, providing a more complete snapshot and enabling full analysis.


Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms parse clinical notes to help our experts interpret the data.