Analyze & Predict
Patient-centric models predict vent days for each patient entering the hospital -
allowing comparison of best practice.

Aggregate to track and predict the number of ventilators and beds used
while controlling for demographic differences.
Balance Metrics
Create balancing metrics by hospital for rates of reintubation,
readmission to the ICU, and 30 day readmission.

Unlock the value of your data


Carta’s clients and experts have pre-built COVID-19 data collection forms to:

  • Identify patients that are suspected or have COVID-19
  • Contact tracing allows you to track exposed staff and record staff needs
  • Provide data on clinical outcomes focusing on medication administrations
  • Examine the influence of pre-existing conditions such as arrhythmias or obesity
  • Predict resources (beds, vents, staff) that a COVID-19 admission will require


Atlas captures all your COVID data, including EHR tables, patient surveys and clinical notes. The data is run through our algorithm and suggests answers for your registry fields. The suggestions are then confirmed by nurse abstractors. This dramatically increases the number of submissions abstractors can complete; enabling you to free nurses from data abstraction, save money and lessen the nurse’s burden.

Get started

  • Automatic COVID-19 identification using NLP
  • Supports selecting both suspected and confirmed cases
  • Automatically abstract elements 
  • Supports manual review before submission
  • Only USCDI data required (all accessible via FHIR)
  • < 2 week setup time per site (requires FHIR)